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High School/Concurrent Enrollment

Qualified high school students may participate in concurrent enrollment coursework at Loyola through the Early Scholars programs. These programs are available to high school students only and provide the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Applicants must re-apply for admission each term and must have earned a C or better in coursework to be eligible to re-apply for a future term. Academically challenging college-level courses are available during the fall, spring, and summer terms.


Applications for admission to the Early Scholars program are due on August 15 for the fall term, December 15 for the spring term and May 15 for the summer term. Availability of classes may vary from semester to semester.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the Early Scholars Non-Degree Seeking Application and personal essay.
  2. Be currently enrolled in an accredited local high school (grades 9-12 only) with the intention to graduate OR be enrolled in an accredited local homeschool with the intention to either earn a state diploma or GED.
  3. Submit an official verified high school transcript (or homeschool transcript) with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  4. Letter of permission and recommendation from the high school guidance counselor and/or principal.
  5. Letter of permission and signature of approval from the student’s parent or legal guardian.
  6. Complete an interview with a designated university official, if necessary. 
  7. Early Scholars interested in enrolling in one of the university’s music ensembles must interview with the ensemble chair in addition to completing the application.


$1,072 per course


Details of the program

This is not an early admission program, but instead concurrent enrollment in college-level courses. Students will enroll in one semester of courses and must apply for admission each semester thereafter. Once reaching the second semester of their senior year, students must apply for full-degree admission to Loyola to continue courses in the following term.